Some Recent Chef Inspiration Which Might Inspire

Some Recent Chef Inspiration Which Mi...

In the last week or two, we've been very fortunate that some more of Ireland's best chefs have been posting and promoting their creations using Velvet Cloud Yogurt and Rockfield Cheese, here are a selection of a few which might inspire.

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Newspaper Feature / Vaccinations / And A Trip to Accident & Emergency !

Newspaper Feature / Vaccinations / An...

Its been a crazy week !

On  Tuesday last (18th May 2021) we were thrilled with a feature that appeared in the Irish Independent The many benefits of ‘ewe-ghurt’: how this Mayo couple made the most of a gap in the market for sheep’s yoghurt" for those who haven’t read about our journey before, you can read the article here

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Which are better probiotics in food or probiotics in supplements?

Which are better probiotics in food o...

Probiotics are live bacteria which have frequently been reported to be beneficial in preventing a wide range of diseases as well as playing a major role in treating the existing ailments.  Our yogurt contains four live cultures.

Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Bifidobacterium lactis

Streptococcus thermophiles

But with all that is written about probiotics I wanted to look at which was better the pill/tablet probiotic or taking foods with have naturally probiotics?

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Weekly Farm Update and Summer Menu Suggestions

Weekly Farm Update and Summer Menu Su...

Like all farmers in Ireland, it is all systems go as soon as the sun comes out. So we've been able to prepare the ground for a new fodder beat crop, which hopefully we can sew this week. Also, the grass has started to grow like mad, which is fantastic because we were getting a bit worried. We set up a paddock system at this time of year, so the girls get to graze a totally fresh piece of grass every few days. You can keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for video updates this week.

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How PR coverage can really help small local Irish businesses, and it certainly helped Velvet Cloud this weekend.

How PR coverage can really help small...

This weekend was a great one for Velvet Cloud media coverage and gave us all a moral boost here on the farm

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Can a dairy free diet include goat’s milk or sheep's milk?

Can a dairy free diet include goat’s ...

You meet people who say, I am on a dairy free diet but can take sheep's milk cheese or goats milk cheese. But aren't they dairy products too?

Yes both sheep's milk and goat milk products are also dairy but a different type of dairy

A1 milk has A1 type of protein (casein) and A2 milk has A2 type of protein (casein). This is important because the way the milk is broken down and metabolised in the system is different. 

Which mammals produce A1 or A2 or a combination of both depends on the genetics of the particular breed. Humans, sheep, goats and buffalo produce A2 milk, for example. Cattle produce A1 or A2, depending on their genetic makeup. Milk from many of the common breeds of dairy cattle is a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins.

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What Foods To Eat More Of During the Corona Virus Pandemic ?

What Foods To Eat More Of During the ...

During this pandemic we are all supposed to try to increase our consumption of foods like Fruit and Veg and foods containing LIVE cultures such as (yogurts, kombuchas, and kefirs).

Velvet Cloud contains the 4 live cultures

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What does sheep’s milk taste like?

What does sheep’s milk taste like?

Although many worry it might taste strong, sheep's milk is actually  mild and creamy with a slightly natural sweet taste.  The reason sheep’s milk tastes creamy and naturally sweet is because it is naturally homogenised, this means that the little fat globules in the sheep’s milk are so small that they float around naturally in the milk giving it that creamy taste. Easier to digest, it has a higher nutritional profile than cow or goats milk and contains A2 protein, meaning many who are senstive to dairy can tolerate it. 

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