Slow Braised Lamb With Pea Hummus and Velvet Cloud Sheep Yogurt Flatbreads

Slow Braised Lamb With Pea Hummus and...

Chef Martin O Donnell previously of the Twelve Hotel in Barna Galway is soon to open his own restaurant Blackrock Cottage in Galway, he has always been a strong supporter of ours, and last week cooked this delicious lamb dish on TV 3 using flat breads made with our sheep's yogurt.

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The Best Salad Dressing You Will Ever Taste

The Best Salad Dressing You Will Ever...

It’s the Perfect Week For Salad Dressings

Easy Peasy Caesar Salad Dressing With A Sheep’s Twist

I had never cooked with an anchovy in my life until I saw a recipe last week for Caesar salad dressing using mayonnaise, so given that we always use Velvet Cloud instead of Mayonnaise I decided to replace the Mayonnaise with our yogurt and the parmesan cheese with our Rockfield cheese. I know I am biased but this is a seriously delicious dressing, I’ve made it twice since and have a small jar in the fridge now for whenever I am making a quick salad lunch.  


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