Delivery FAQ for Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Milk Yogurt And Cheese


What happens when I order?

Step 1 place your order on line, and you will get a confirmation email

Step 2  your order will be packed

Step 3  order will be collected by the courier, you will get a second email confirming your order has been processed

Step 4  the courier will deliver to the address you have given in the shipping details

How Long After I Order Will My Sheep’s Milk Order Arrive?

 At the moment we are shipping a minimum of twice a week,  your order should be  with you between 24 hours maximum 48 hours after it is shipped.

How do you pack the yogurt?

We pack it in insulated polystyrene boxes with ice sheets to keep it cool. But in order to try to be more sustainable, once you collect six boxes, we can send a courier free of charge to collect them from you. We are working on trying to get a more sustainable box.

What Happens If My Order Is Damaged?

In the very rare event that something has happened to your sheep’s yogurt in transit and it gets damaged , please take a quick photo and send us a message, we will either refund you or ship out more product to you whichever is your preference.

Why do I have to Buy 6 Pots Of Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Milk Yogurt?

We offer Free Shipping on our sheep’s yogurt so to cover the cost of the box, the ice sheet, and the courier we need to send you six pots

How long will my yogurt last if I order online?

We guarantee that your Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Yogurt will arrive with a minimum of three weeks shelf life.

How long will my cheese last?

We guarantee four months shelf life on our sheep’s cheese. However if you open the cheese you must keep it in an air tight container.

Why is your cheese sold out so often?

We are a very small but growing business. Cheese is made in batches and only from March until October (when we have enough sheep’s milk cheese available). Each week a certain amount has matured, and we sell it to chefs, shops and online. So for now because it is selling a lot better than we forecast we haven’t enough for everyone. We are working on that and hopefully next year we will have a lot more.

Can I return the boxes to you?

If you are able to store six of our boxes and tape them together we can get them collected from you by DPD, at no charge to you. The reason we ask you to wait until you have six, is that DPD charge us for the collection, therefore to make it commercially viable it has to be six.