I am afraid I won’t get though six pots in three weeks, it’s a lot for one person?

A lot of new customers say this to us at the start, but they have been coming back every three weeks, and you can check out what many of them have been saying in our customer reviews. In your first order we give you a list of suggested uses, as well as a recipe for our sheep’s yogurt porridge bread which everyone is raving about. So between eating it for breakfast, on salads, wraps or in soups for lunch, and in curries, with fish or as a dip or dressing, not to even mention in desserts, we reckon if all our other repeat customers are to go by, you will be fine.

What does your sheep’s milk yogurt taste like?

People are usually surprised when they taste Velvet Cloud for the first time. They tell us that it is a lot creamier than they thought it would be and that it doesn’t have the same “tang” as cow’s yogurt, or the smell of goat’s yogurt. The reason it is so creamy is because of the high fat content (healthy fats!) and the fact that sheep’s milk is naturally homognised. This means that the little fat globules are floating around naturally in the milk, giving it that lovely creamy mouth feel.

What does your sheep’s cheese taste like?

Our Rockfield by Velvet Cloud is a semi hard sheep’s cheese, which has been matured for three months. The taste is a creamy buttery one with nutty undertones. Some of our customers have described it like a parmesan but much creamier, and with not the strong a taste as parmesan but a more buttery one.

Can you freeze sheep's milk yogurt?

Yes, you can freeze Velvet Cloud in a domestic freezer, but when it defrosts it tends to split, so while it is fine to eat and tastes fine, the texture may not look great. What we do with defrosted yogurt from domestic freezers is make the porridge bread or use it as an ingredient in cooking, like in curries and it works perfectly.

Is your sheep’s yogurt made from pasteurised milk?

Yes. Velvet Cloud is made from fresh sheep’s milk from our farms flock of grass fed ewes. We pasteurise the fresh milk in the yogurt making process

Is Velvet Cloud safe to eat while you are pregnant?

Both our sheep’s yogurt and our sheep’s cheese are made from pasteurised sheep’s milk and so are safe to eat during pregnancy.

What are the live cultures in your sheep’s yogurt?

The four live cultures we use are:

Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Bifidobacterium lactis

Streptococcus thermophiles

What is the nutritional information for your sheep’s yogurt?

Typical Value per 100g

Energy  kj 387.5

Kcal 92.9

Fat 5,8g

Of which saturates 3.6g

Of which mono-unsaturates 1.7g

Of which polyunstaurates 0.2g

Carbohydrate 4.9g

Of which sugars 4.9g

Protein 5.3g

Salt 0.11g

Because it is a totally natural product these above values may be subject to slight seasonal variations

How Do You Milk A Sheep?

Its very like milking cows, except sheep have two teat instead of four teat like cows ahve. Sheep are obviously a lot smaller too, so the machinery we use is smaller, but the principle is the same. We milk twice a day morning and evening.