What Foods To Boost Immunity During the Corona Virus Pandemic ?

During this pandemic we are all supposed to try to increase our consumption of foods containing probiotics such as (yogurts, kombuchas, and kefirs).

Velvet Cloud contains the 4 live probiotic cultures

It is a completely natural product with NOTHING added and NOTHING stained away and is suitable for many who may find they are sensitive to cow dairy.

In light of the current difficult climate for many of our most loyal customers, who may be unable to visit their usual stockists, Velvet Cloud are starting a new delivery service direct to consumers homes. We will deliver 6 x 450g pots of our fresh sheep’s milk yogurt, made on our family farm, via courier for €30, shelf life at least 21 days. Currently customers can phone, email, send a direct Tweet, Facebook or Instagram message to order, and an ordering and payment option will be up on this website in the coming days.

Velvet Cloud LIVE PROBIOTIC Sheep’s Milk Natural Yogurt
Gluten Free, Digestion Friendly, Live Probiotic, Sheep’s Milk Yogurt