Bug of War- A must read for every child

The importance of the microbiome

Dr Ann-Marie Eustaceryan is a practising gastroenterologist in Tipperary University Hospital. This means she is scoping and looking at peoples’ guts during endoscopies everyday. Dr Eustaceryan also has a keen interest in the microbiome which she sees as the basis of all good health. She firmly believes if we understood the importance of the microbiome from an early age, we would make better nutritional choices, and end up as healthier adults. She is seeing more and more unhealthy guts in her work and is now on a mission to educate all primary children in Ireland about what goes on in the gut and why its important to feed the “good guys” properly and not to feed the “bad guys”. To do this she has written a fabulous children’s book Bug of War – What you eat can help you win!

Gift Vital Knowlege For Life

So if you have a small person in your life, if you are a teacher or know a small person or teacher, this would be excellent to give to them. You would be gifting vital knowledge, which would influence the rest of their lives in a positive way. It is full of fun illustrations, recap exercises and simple explanations, through the use of the cute little bug characters, even I learnt something !  Dr Eustacerryan is slowly getting it into independent book shops and can be contacted via her Instagram page at drannmareeustaceryan or via email ameustaceryan@gmail.com

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