Velvet Cloud

Velvet Cloud is a range of handmade natural sheep’s milk yogurt and cheese, made on the family farm where the Flanagan family have been farming for generations. Due to the mild wet climate in the West of Ireland the Flanagan’s flock can graze an abundance of grass and clover pastures for almost the entire year.

Just two ingredients – fresh sheep’s milk and live yogurt cultures are used to make a mild tasting creamy yogurt. Loved by many interested in their microbiome and used by the country’s top chefs. Sheep’s milk is naturally homogenised and has  a mild naturally sweeter taste, it is popular with consumers looking  for a natural product with nothing added or nothing strained away.

Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt can be enjoyed on its own, added to fruit or cereal for breakfast, as a replacement for crème fraiche or mayonnaise, as a natural creamy dressing, or used as an ingredient in sweet or savoury cooking.

Rockfield by Velvet Cloud, one of only of a very small number of sheep’s cheeses made in Ireland, Rockfield is a full flavour nutty, robust tasting sheep’s cheese covered by a thick creamy/grey rind. Aged for a minimum of 90 days the ivory huedpate is supple and creamy, when young often with small eyes (holes), slightly crumbly and becomes more firm as the cheese ripens. It is creamy and buttery in the mouth with slightly sweet and nutty undertones. The cream coloured interior of this cheese becomes firmer and darker as the maturing period is extended and the flavour becomes nuttier.

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