Collection: Irish Cheese

Irish artisan cheeses

Irish cheese, particularly Irish artisan cheeses, is known for its rich and distinct flavours resulting from the unique combination of grass-fed animals and the terroir of Ireland. The lush green pastures of Ireland provide the perfect environment for animals to graze on and produce high-quality milk that is used to make delicious and unique cheeses.

Sheep’s milk cheese from Ireland 

One of the most delicious types of Irish cheese is sheep's milk cheese. This type of cheese is made from grass-fed sheep's milk, giving it a distinct flavour and texture. Sheep's milk has unique properties, so cheese from sheep’s milk is known for its richness and creaminess, making it a perfect addition to any cheese platter or a topping for crackers or bread.

The best of all Irish artisan cheeses

The best of all Irish artisan cheeses and hundreds of artisan sheep’s cheeses (according to The Artisan Cheese Awards in 2022) are made on our Velvet Cloud Farm in the West of Ireland. It is a semi-hard cheese called Rockfield, named after our farm's townland. We pride ourselves on using only our own fresh creamy sheep’s milk from our flock of grass-fed ewes. Our sheep are pasture reared in the unspoilt terrain of Co Mayo, giving a unique flavour to our sheep’s cheese. We are committed to traditional cheesemaking methods and are passionate about creating cheeses that represent the best of Irish artisan cheese.

Why do pasture-reared and grass-fed make such a difference?

Our sheep are grass-fed throughout the year, which means that the sheep can roam freely and graze on the lush green grass and clover pastures of our Co Mayo farm. This results in healthier and happier sheep and milk that is higher in fat and protein.

Another unique aspect of our Irish cheeses is that they are made here, on the farm; this allows us to have complete control over the entire cheesemaking process, from the milk's quality to the cheese's ageing. This results in cheeses of the highest quality and truly unique to Ireland.

Rockfield Irish Sheep’s Cheese

Rockfield sheep's milk cheese is our most popular cheese, aged for a minimum of four months. This results in a tangy cheese and slightly crumbly with nutty buttery undertones. Rockfield sheep’s cheese has a semi-hard texture that is perfect for an Irish cheese board, on crackers or grated over a risotto or pasta dish. 

Cloonbook Irish Farmhouse Cheese

Cloonbook Irish Farmhouse cheese (link) is our newest Irish cheese, launched in 2022. This cheese is crafted using the freshest cow's milk from Michael's uncle's farm in the townland of Cloonbook. Michael has fond memories of growing up as a child in Cloonbook, where he spent many happy years following his uncle around the farm and learning about Irish dairy farming.

Cloonbook is a semi-hard cheese that matured for a minimum of three months, giving it a unique and delicious taste. The cheese has a natural rind that is edible and adds to the unique flavour of the cheese. The cows that produce the milk for this cheese are grass-fed, which ultimately leads to a more flavourful and delicious cheese.

Cloonbook Artisan Cheese is a perfect addition to any cheese board, making it ideal for entertaining or a great gift for cheese lovers. Its unique flavour and texture make it stand out from other cheeses, and it will surely be a hit with any cheese lover.

Try our cheeses today and taste the difference!