Collection: Chopping Board

Hand Crafted Wooden Chopping Board

Unique in Ireland, our hand-crafted wooden chopping boards are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Made in Ireland, these chopping boards are hand-crafted from Irish beech wood.

The material our chopping boards are made from

Unlike oak, beech leeches have no tannins to taint food, especially cheese. They have natural anti-bacterial properties, unlike mass-produced chopping boards treated with chemicals to stop bacteria growth. These chopping boards are designed to last and are perfect for any kitchen.

Irish beech wood is known for being hard, yet it will not blunt knives. This makes it the perfect wood for cutting boards, allowing for easy and precise cutting. 

How the chopping boards are presented

Each board has a unique grain and comes carefully wrapped in tissue with a care guide on how to look after it. 

All our boards are finished with food-grade mineral oil that is tasteless and odourless, which protects the wood and makes it food safe. 

The story of our chopping boards

Our boards are a collaboration between a small Irish craftsperson and a small family food business. To learn more about the story of how they came about, read our blog post.


The beech wood used in our boards comes from sustainable sources. We only use wood from storm-felled trees or dangerous trees that must be felled.

How To Use Your Chopping Board

Our wooden chopping boards are perfect for cutting, chopping, and dicing all types of food. They are perfect for preparing meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. They are also great for serving cheese, crackers, and other accompaniments. Our award-winning Irish sheep’s cheese and our delicious Irish farmhouse cheese are ideal options for this premium small chopping board. Both our cheese and boards are so popular we offer them as a set.

So whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, our wooden chopping boards are sure to impress.