Vegetable Soup Served With Velvet Cloud and Dukkah

The Easiest Domestic Goddess Soup

So my impressive domestic goddess soup is actualy just a simple Vegetable soup topped with Velvet Cloud sheep’s yogurt and Dukkah

Its  so easy to make soup, but to make it look really special, its how you serve it that makes all the difference .

Duqqa, du'ah, do'a, or dukkah is an Egyptian and Middle Eastern condiment consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices, I make it and have it in an air tight lunch box, so I can sprinkle it on salads or soups when needed.


Vegetable Soup Served With Velvet Cloud Yogurt and Dukkah


Soup Recipe

Sauté some onion and garlic, throw in a carrot, leek, courgette (whatever veg you like and  have in the fridge) we always add tin of tomato (it helps with taste, but also with colour if the veg you have chosen result in not such an appealing green yellow colour. Add a stock cube, if its for the shepherds I also add a few chilli flakes, a small splash of water (you can always add more later) simmer for 10 ish mins until veg are soft, blitz.

When you are serving the soup, top with a big dollop of Velvet Cloud yogurt (because of its creaminess its not as tart as other yogurts might be, and it’s a healthier option than cream. Springle the Dukah on top, and your are instantly a domestic God / Godess



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