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1 kg Velvet Cloud Sheep’s milk yogurt natural – please contact us directly for further information.


Please note the consistency and thickness of our yogurt varies over the season, nothing strange going on, its just nature!!

Loved by Irelands top chefs,  fresh creamy grass fed Natural Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt. Made on our family farm in Co Mayo, with nothing added and nothing strained away, just fresh pasturised sheep’s milk and four live cultures. This creamy mild tasting yogurt works in both sweet and savoury dishes, its ideal on its own, or as a dressing, to replace mayonnaise or creme fraiche, with curries, on the side, as a dip, or in smoothies.

Sheep’s milk has a higher nutritional profile than cow’s milk and suits many who feel they are sensitive to cow dairy. 


For food service we have distributors or direct delivery options, please just get in touch to find out the best option to suit you. We can also send you on a list of suggested uses and menu ideas.  









1 Lt Velvet Cloud Fresh Sheep’s Milk – please contact us directly for further information. We have direct delivery and wholesale options. Note at the moment our milk is sold blast frozen to keep in the goodness and freshness.


Velvet Cloud sheep's milk comes from our much loved flock of lacaune and friesland ewes, who graze on grass and clover pastures throughout the year. The fresh pasturised sheep's milk is specially blast frozen ( a method of quickly freezing) to keep in all of the unique goodness and benefits of sheep's milk. This allows you to keep it in your freezer for up to four months, and the blast freezing means that on defrosting the creamy naturally homogenised properties will be intact.  Sheep's milk suits many people who feel they are sensitive to cow dairy, it is naturally homogenised (so absolutely no processing takes place) plus it has a higher nutritional profile than cow or goat and a mild creamier taste.  

To defrost

Leave standing in your kitchen for 8 - 12 hours then in your fridge overnight and shake before use. Do not microwave to speed up the defrosting process as this might cause the milk to split.




Available now in small batches, please contact us for further information.

Released and available in limited numbers each week.

This is a 2019 World Cheese Award Winner and one of only of a very small number of sheep’s cheeses made in Ireland. This is a semi hard sheep's cheese with a natural creamy golden rind. This Irish sheep's cheese is aged for a minimum of 12 weeks, the ivory hued pate is supple and creamy, often with small eyes (holes), slightly crumbly and becomes firmer as the cheese ripens. Made with pasteurized sheep's milk , it is creamy and buttery in the mouth with slightly sweet undertones.  If kept in an air tight container the shelf life on Rockfield by Velvet Cloud sheep's cheese is at least four months. Although we haven't met anyone yet who has managed to keep it for that long, as it's a bit too tempting.  For food service we can supply half or full rounds, we also sell retail pieces of sheep's cheese.