Supermarket, Health Food Stores and Speciality Food Stores Stocking Velvet Cloud

Our Current Stockists are listed on the maps below, we are very grateful to all of them for supporting an artisan family business like ours.

A few things to note:

Tesco Ireland have just listed Velvet Cloud yogurt, this is in 32 of their stores, most are on the east coast and midlands. 

Velvet Cloud yogurt is now on the SuperValu Centra ordering system. This means any SuperValu Centra is able to order in our yogurt from their central warehouse. However they don't have to and they certainly wont unless they are asked to my customers. We've also found that some Super Valus even though they order once or twice then forget so a little nagging might be needed. 

If your local health food store, orders from the distributor Irish Independent Health Foods, they will also be able to get in our yogurt and milk for you, but because they are typically smaller than large supermarkets, they will do this to order, rather than risking buying in stock and it then going out of date. 


32 Tesco Ireland Stores Stocking Velvet Cloud Yogurt


Tesco Ireland Stores Stocking Velvet Cloud Sheeps Yogurt


Independent specialty shops and health food stores buying Velvet Cloud yogurt



Independent and Health Food Stores Stocking Velvet Cloud

A List Of Super Valus and Centras Who Are Currently Stocking or Have Stocked Velvet Cloud Yogurt In The Past

Super Valu Stores Stocking Velvet Cloud Sheep's Yogurt