A Good Media Week For Velvet Cloud Sheeps Yogurt

Last week was a good media week for Velvet Cloud


On Saturday Michelin star chef JP McMahon was writing about Horse Radish where it got its name and giving a easy recipe using sheep’s milk yogurt.

To make a wonderful fresh horseradish sauce, grate 15g of horseradish into a tablespoon of cold pressed rapeseed oil. Fold this into 150g of sheep’s yoghurt. Season with the juice of a lemon and some salt. Serve with roast beef, a piece of poached fish or spoon on to a freshly shucked native oyster. 

Horseradish and sheeps yogurt

On Wednesday in the Examiner, Caroline Hennessy was writing about our FREE sampling campaign, which we’ve launched in response to the challenge of getting people to taste sheep’s milk yogurt.


 Examiner Free Sample Of Sheeps Yogurt Campaign

We were delighted to read:

People pick Flanagan’s yogurt for several reasons: they find it easy to digest, there’s an increased interest in live, fermented products to strengthen the gut microbiome, they want to avoid processed foods - and because it tastes great. As well as having a naturally sweet taste and creamy texture, Velvet Cloud is also a versatile ingredient. People use it on their porridge, with granola in the morning and Chefs use it as a replacement for cream or crème fraîche. It’s great as a salad dressing or to marinate chicken. Lots of people use it in baking – and there is a great recipe for porridge bread on our website.


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