A strange week, of awards, radio interviews, and a food festival.

Artisan Cheese Awards Melton Mowbray

When himself went to the Artisan Cheese Awards in the UK at the weekend, as you know from last week’s post he already knew he had won a Gold award. Never in our wildest dreams did we think he would come back with a trophy for Best Irish Cheese! That means the judges thought, that of all the Irish cheeses they tried Rockfield was the best! Then he was awarded the trophy for Best Sheep’s Cheese, this time of all the sheep’s cheeses ( UK and Ireland) ours was consider the best. It’s a shame we don’t have any to sell until Bloom. Well we have a tiny amount if you click here you might just be in luck  


Interview on Country Wide RTE Radio 1

The video I wrote about which we posted on social media, got the attention of RTE, and I was interviewed by Suzanne Campbell on RTE’s Country Wide on Saturday morning. If you really need to listen, the interview is here. It’s still resonating and getting comments on social media, so a lot of small businesses are hurting, and it will only get worse.  https://www.rte.ie/radio/radio1/clips/22091846/


Aisling's interview on RTE 1 Country Wide


Mayo Day and Predictions For Bord Bia's Bloom

On Saturday in the lashing rain we attending the Mayo Day Food Festival in Castlebar, it was a miserable miserable day, but the festival was buzzing!  It wasn’t the best timing with himself in the UK, so no one left at home to drive junior shepherds around. But we did it to support our County and get back into the swing of doing festivals and very glad I did. It was a bit like riding a bicycle you’re a bit rusty but you quickly get into the buzz of chatting to customers, convincing reluctant newbies to try our yogurt and having the craic.  This has got me all fired up for Bord Bia’s Bloom. It takes place in the Phoenix Park, in four weeks’ time  2nd to 6th June, on the June Bank Holiday Weekend, if Castlebar in the rain was anything to go by, it will be wedged (as they say in Mayo).

Nora On Food with Aisling at Mayo Day Festival



Finally, here’s a lovely meal idea  from Orla McAndrew in Cork. Orla is a wedding caterer, and also cooks on RTE Today from time to time. She is our latest fan and suggests a delicious lunch or dinner option for leftover veggies. In this case Orla uses -  carrots and romanesco leftovers, then  adds Velvet Cloud yogurt, peanut rayu, freshly cooked lentils, fresh basil and violas from her garden, doesn’t it look fab? If you havent tried our yogurt here is a link to a free sample 




Vegetarian Leftover Meal With Velvet Cloud Sheeps Yogurt

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