And at last The Leaving Cert is over - Now we move on to driving lessons!

Well thank God that is over, at exactly the time this email goes out, Junior Shepherd #3 will have handed in her last Leaving Cert 2023 examination paper – Agricultural Science.  Everything has gone “OK” apart from the drama around maths that the whole country seemed to suffer from.  In true teenager form we now move from one drama and challenge to the next. I will collect her from school in the car, which we will then take on a driving lesson as her driving test is booked for early July!!– Pray for me 😊

In other news I tried the delicious pannacotta recipe I shared last week, but failed on attempt number one, I didn’t add enough gelatine it seems, and when I re-did it adding more gelatine it was very firm and I think its supposed to be in-between liquid cream and hard jelly consistency. The photo is nice though isn’t it?

Pannacotta made from Velvet Cloud sheeps yogurt

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