Chef Inspo, Farm Update and Christmas Gifts

This weeks artistic creations are: A blackberry Soufflé with Velvet Cloud sheep yogurt sorbet by Chef Jonathan now on the menu at The Lodge at Ashford Castle Estate honey panna cotta, kalamansi and Velvet Cloud sheep yogurt saffron ice-cream by Chef Charly Galerie at The Morrison Room – Carton House


Velvet Cloud Dessert - The Morrison Room

We’ve taken over the @IrelandsFarmers Twitter account for the week, if any of you are new and want to get a deeper insight into our daily farming activities you can follow us there for the week too.

Artisan Food Hamper - chocolate, fudge cheese

I will start promoting our limited-edition Christmas gifts to the wider public in a few days, so if you want to get in before, that there is still time to per order and book your slot. I’ve seen a few lovely ideas, with people pre-ordering several hampers or several boxes of chocolates and sending them out to members of their work teams or to family at different addresses, this is easy as long as you don’t forget to click Ship To Multiple Addresses, our pre order Christmas collection is here

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