Covid, Immunity, Planning and Labneh

The Covid developments over the last few days have shown us that we can’t be sure or plan for anything.  We can however try to plan what we eat. Research shows that eating LIVE yogurt can help boost your immune system. The process that occurs as yogurt is made, makes millions of probiotic organisms, which then boost the good bacteria in your body - in what is called your microbiome, it’s important to choose a natural yogurt look for the word LIVE on the pack. 

Live Sheeps Milk Yogurt

This week, two lovely customers, posted pictures of the Labneh they had made with Velvet Cloud. Labneh is a soft cheese, a staple in Middle Eastern Cuisine, it is thicker than yogurt and is made by straining the whey from the yogurt. You get a gorgeous creamy labneh from Velvet Cloud because the yogurt is thick, to begin with. We have a recipe here  if you want to make your own, and a big thanks to Francesco and Eva respectively, who both posted these pics on Instagram! We always get a real buzz hearing how you get on and seeing pictures of your creations, and it helps us inspire others and spread (excuse the pun !!)  the word.

Labneh made from sheep's yogurt
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