Deadly but beautiful

Yesterday on the way to a local Christmas market in Brickens , (the village in which Michael grew up), I got stuck going up a hill, no matter what way I tried to go up or down I slid everywhere totally out of control. I got a real fright, and I had to give in and call himself to come and save me, which he did, we had to gentle reverse down the hill and take another route. The whole thing really freaked me out, and I was cursing and terrified of the ice for the rest of the day.

Frost on stones

This morning early Sunday morning (my absolute favourite time of the week) I was struck by how beautiful something so dangerous can be.  I took a few photos as the sun was coming up, which make the farm look so beautiful, you can see them here. Or if you prefer, I did a quick farm update video here.

Moss in frost

So hope everyone stays safe this icy week and best of luck with all the mayhem that is bound to start now as everyone starts to finalise Christmas plans.  If you still need thank you gifts and stocking fillers, we have you sorted, or if you want cheeses for the cheese board that  no-one else will have we have that too, we would love your support if you can.



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