Did you catch Professor Tim Spector on The Brendan O Connor show on Saturday morning?

We all have a different microbiome

Tim is a medical doctor, epidemiologist, and science writer. He had been studying identical twins for over 30 years and wondered why one twin might become ill and one remain perfectly healthy, he concluded they must have different microbiomes.

Nutritional Advice

He explained to Brendan on Saturday that the nutritional advice we’ve been getting for years has been incorrect, which is one of the reasons there is now more diabetes, obesity and problems losing weight than ever before. He said we need to look at consuming the right food to feed our microbiome rather than looking at consuming food as just fuel.

The Microbiome

He’s not the only one studying the microbiome and improving the variety of microbes in your gut has been shown to lead to less depression, less food allergies, food intolerances, bloating, constipation, and better weight control.
Among Tim’s recommendations are: Try to eat 30 different plant types per week (spices, nuts, seeds, coffee ) all count as plants. Its not as hard as it sounds, I started counting yesterday and I’m on 16 so far.
Try to eat some sort of fermented food every day. Brendan asked him about yogurts and his advice was “ avoid kids' yogurt its full of chemicals and sugars, to go for the full fat LIVE yogurt, any yogurts with a long shelf life be suspicious, you are looking for yogurts that have not been tampered with”. He also mentioned that the lovely artisan cheeses in Ireland count as fermented foods.

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