Exclusive Handmade Christmas Gift Items - You Are The First To Know

Christmas Gift Planning - Decide What You Need Yourself Before Telling Anyone Else

As a visitor to our website, you are the very first to be told about our Christmas gift options, and you are the first to be given the option to order. We are not going to start promoting them for another week or so.

 Handmade Irish Artisan Chocolates - Made With Sheeps Milk

You have a few options:

  • Luxurious exclusive Handmade sheep’s milk chocolates

Decadent and delicious, these very unique artisan chocolates crafted in small batches with each one decorated by hand. Our creamy fresh Irish sheep’s milk is combined with the best of raw ingredients.  The chocolates are made for us by our friends in the Coco Atelier Chocolate Lab. This collaboration came about because last year we commissioned CoCoa Atelier to make us some chocolates to give as thank you presents to some very loyal clients. The response from these clients was huge and a lot of them asked us, where they could buy more, and so our sheep’s milk chocolate idea for 2021 was born.

We’ve a limited volume available to pre-order now.



Handmade Sheep's Milk Soap - Creamy and Gentle

  • Luxurious All-Natural Hand Made Sheep’s Milk Soap

Nurturing and gentle for the skin, and exclusively available from Velvet Cloud. These unique soaps would make ideal stocking fillers.  This beautifully crafted handmade sheep’s milk soap does not contain any fragrance and is ideal for sensitive skin. Sheep’s milk is rich in amino acids and A D and E which gently nourish and moisturises the most sensitive of skins.

This beautiful handmade soap is made for us by our friend Val in Dalkey Soaps. Aisling grew up in Dublin and an old school friend introduced us to Val, and the idea of this simple soap was born.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, water and fresh sheep’s milk from our farm in Co Mayo.

We’ve a limited volume available to pre-order now.


Delicious Sheep's Milk Handmade Fudge - Made in Co Mayo

This delicious artisan handmade sheep’s milk fudge is made for us, in Co Mayo by our friend and Chef Anthony Printer. It is produced using creamy fresh sheep’s milk from our flock of grass-fed ewes.

Ingredients: Irish butter, salt, sugar, fresh sheep’s milk from our farm in Co Mayo.

Allergens: Milk

Deliveries: Fudge with be dispatched via courier. We will commence dispatching mid-November and dispatch twice a week.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

Net Weight: 130g


 Irish Wooden Beech Cheeseboard  - Hand Carved

  • Irish Hand-Crafted Wooden Cheese Board


This unique hand-crafted cheese board, made from Irish beech wood, is a collaboration between two small rural family businesses - one a local crafts person and one a family food business. Every board is unique with an array of different grains, from pale to dark and everything in between.

An ideal gift for the cheese or charcuterie lover in your life, or simply a beautiful piece for the dining table. 


33 cm long x 15.5 cm wide and 2.5 cm thick, note because each board is hand made, and therefore unique, these dimensions might vary slightly.

We’ve a limited volume available to purchase now.



  • Limited Edition Small Cheese Round

Aged for a minimum of 20 weeks, these small cheese rounds, come about from time to time, if we have extra curd leftover in the cheese-making process. These rounds are more mature than the previous small ones we sold.

Made with pasteurized sheep's milk, with a natural rind, it is creamy and buttery in the mouth with slightly sweet undertones and is fab for grating.  This cheese would make a fabulous unique gift for the cheese lover in your life, or why not just treat yourself because you definitely deserve it at the moment.  Each round weighs a minimum of 750g. We only have 9 for sale at the moment, so we don't even have professional photography, so please forgive us !


Only 2 cheese rounds are available to purchase now


  • A unique and handwritten gift card

If you would like, we can add a handwritten a unique gift card, with a message of your choosing, and send this with your gift directly to the recipient.


What You Need To Know

We have limited volumes of chocolates, soap and cheeseboards. We actually did try to order more because we don’t know how soon we will sell out, but everything from the Suez Canal to Brexit to Covid is being blamed for lack of packaging and other ingredients. So once these are sold out that is it.  Please understand we did our best and don’t get annoyed if they sell out before you get a chance to order – you have been warned.

The reason we have set up a Pre-Order system for some products, is so that we can manage all the dispatching closer to Christmas. This will help us plan how many hours and on what days we will need to have all hands-on deck, packing, wrapping and dispatching.

In addition, the handmade chocolates have a limited shelf life of six weeks, so we want to give you the chance now to book in your orders now, but we don’t want to produce them or send them out until late November so they will last until the holiday season is well over.

On the plus side if you do choose to pre-order now, you’ll know that you’ll be getting a unique gift that is only available from Velvet Cloud. We ourselves have learnt a huge amount in our Christmas preparation process and hope to have a lot more available next year.



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