FREE Sample Of Velvet Cloud Sheep's Yogurt - So You Can See What Does Sheep's Milk Taste Like?

We have a problem and are trying to solve it:

With the help of fans followers and just general chat with people, we have uncovered an important insight getting in the way of us growing Velvet Cloud. 

When people hear about Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt for the first time, and are offered a chance to try it, or a friend tells them they should really get it, or they see a post from Velvet Cloud on a social media, their thought process goes something like this: “Hmm sheep’s milk yogurt, made from the milk of sheep!!  God that sounds strange. I wonder what does sheep’s milk tastes like?. I know my friend said it is doing wonders for her, but it probably tastes a bit funny. Maybe it tastes like strong goats’ cheese, or maybe like the smell of that sheep farm I visited. No not for me, not worth the risk, might be yuck”

Without stating the obvious, it is a real problem for us to try and encourage people to sample our yogurt. We know that if they do taste they are always always, totally and presently surprised at how creamy and mild it tastes.

So how in a country where we are only available in approximately 100 supermarkets (there are about 800), where food festivals have been cancelled for two years, can we encourage more people to sample ? It has helped a small bit having our online shop, because now if you don’t live near a stockist of Velvet Cloud you can buy it online. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, you are not going to buy six pots of Velvet Cloud if you fear you might like not like the taste.

This is our proposed solution 

We are giving away a pot of Velvet Cloud yogurt to every newbie for free! We are so confident that people will like its creamy taste that we are willing to send out  pots free of charge. We simply ask for a contribution of €4.50 towards the cost of delivery which we give back once your first order is made!

The free sample, is be one of our large 450g pots of Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt, dispatched within 7 days (usually sooner). It will be shipped in an insulated box with ice to keep it cool.

You simply place your order, enter your email and click to reveal a discount code, start the check-out process, and the cost of the pot will be refunded at check out.

Will it work ? No idea ! But if you know someone who is curious but a bit hesitant you would be doing us a huge favour to let them know about the free samples. If you are curious, what have you got to loose? You would be helping a small family business, tackle one of the challenges it faces because it is small.

You can avail of the free sample here

Free Pots Of Velvet Cloud Sheep's Milk Yogurt


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