Google You're The Business Day Out In Dublin

I had another day out in the big smoke today, (you would swear I do no work 😊), it took place in Googles offices in Dublin. The event was to mark the occasion of the end of a programme called You’re The Business. We entered this competition last year because the prize offered € 1 000  in Google advertising credit as well as Google Mentoring and some nice professional taken photos.


Aisling Flanagan Velvet Cloud at Google

 It was a really interesting exercise, what I wanted at the end of it was to learn about and evaluate if its worth us investing money on Google Advertising, ideally using Googles money and not our own! Unfortunately the jury is still out on the answer to this, it seems the amount you need to spend to get a decent return is very significant or at least significant for now.

A great day was had as you can see from the photos here.

Google Youre The Business

Aisling Flanagan Velvet Cloud Google Your The Business Badge


Aisling Velvet Cloud getting her award at Google

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