Highs and lows of owning your own business

As is becoming the norm when you are running your own business, we’ve had a few days of highs and lows.

A low

Over the weekend, we made the difficult decision not to exhibit at Bloom in the Phoenix Park this year. The cost of the stand, electricity, refrigeration , storage, and accommodation were just too prohibitive, at a time when we are still trying to deal with the worst 18 months of cost increases ever. While it’s definitely the correct business decision for us for now, we’re just hoping it’s the right decision for the brand over the long term. We will attend for one or two days at the CAIS (Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers Association) Stand, so our cheese and labneh will be available to try but not our yogurt.

A few highs

We got a nice bit of media coverage last week and also on Sunday. We were mentioned first on Thursday in The Gloss Magazine by Chef and cookbook author Trish Deseine. A big thank you to one of our lovely subscribers Bernadette for sending it on to me, I would have missed it.  Trish said “Even more delicious nutritious and downright creamy and widely available is Velvet Cloud gorgeous sheep’s milk. Many lactose intolerant consumers are in fact intolerant to cows’ milk casein and the sheep variety allows them to enjoy ice creams, lattes and yogurts, with extra creaminess, vitamins, minerals and proteins thrown in, I love using the milk for ice cream, and the yogurt, in cakes , muffins, scones, and soda bread. Its also wonderful for marinating lamb, and chicken and a worthy replacement for fresh cream with strawberries and other fruit desserts”

The Gloss Magazine May 20223

We then got a lovely feature and a  photo in the Business section of The Sunday Times, photo below, so it all helps, spread the word.

Velvet Cloud Sheep's Milk Yogurt  in The Irish Times

Wishing you all lots of highs for the rest of this week 😊


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