I argue plant based dairy alternatives are not better for you or the planet

Last week I posted a video of me ranting, (something I am known to do from time to time) and it got a huge reaction, so I am sharing my rant thoughts with you here.  If you or someone in your house is under 40 years of age, it is very possible you have a plant based dairy alternative milk, or alternative yogurt or cheese product in your fridge. These plant based alternatives are mostly owned by huge international companies and they position and promote their products as good for you and good for the planet.  If you live in Ireland I have to disagree fundamentally with this. If for some reason you need a cow dairy alternative you could try goats milk, sheep's milk or buffalo milk products, all containing a different protein to cows milk, all manufactured here in Ireland, all suiting many many people with cow dairy sensitivity. The plant soya, oat, and almond drinks are all made hundreds of miles away and flown or shipped into Ireland. They are all highly processed to extend their shelf life and so they taste in some way edible. I argue this cannot in any way be good for the planet or indeed good for your health. 

          Plant based alternative yogurt label                     Sheep's milk yogurt label

Yesterday I took a photo of the label from a yogurt pot, promoted by the biggest international brand of dairy alternatives. Beside it is a photo of our Velvet Cloud live yogurt ingredients label (above).  No one is going to convince me that these plant alternatives can be healthier, and no-one can convince me that  these products could be better for the planet, especially if you live in Ireland and have grass fed alternatives. 

Please try and discuss with friends and family and get them to read labels and  try some Irish grass fed cow dairy alternatives, especially if they want to be healthier and make more sustainable choices.    Rant over have a lovely Sunday !



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