I missed the Northern Lights - Raging

I missed the Northern Lights

If you follow my social media, you are aware of my love of photography and nature, and the stunning landscapes we are fortunate to enjoy here in Mayo. Apparently the Northern Lights were exceptionally vivid near our farm, and I am raging to have missed them! However, the reason compensates for my disappointment.

Family Gathering

We had a family gathering in Dublin yesterday, which brought together my father, his children (he only has two - my brother and myself), and all his grandchildren. Such gatherings are rare now as the grandchildren, now mostly young adults, are spreading their wings, making it a particularly special day. .  But I was fast asleep by 10:00 PM, and therefore missed all the chats about the magnificent skies, which were also great in Dublin apparently. This evening I am back in Mayo, so was planning a late night in the hope they will appear again tonight, but apparently I need to collect a junior shepherd from an 18th birthday party at 1:00 AM anyway, so there will be no need to struggle to stay awake, I will report back if I capture anything beautiful.


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