Creamy and delicious rather than gut health

I was going on about gut health and all the time our customers are going on about the creamy delicious taste of our sheep’s yogurt

It’s interesting we’ve been going on about the importance of gut health, and our customers are people who have had IBS symptoms, or feel they are dairy intolerant, or on a dairy free diet. But when you take all our customer reviews on our website and see what they are saying it tells another story.

As part of an exercise to understand what customers are taking about and feeling about sheep’s milk, dairy intolerance, dairy free products etc. I took our customer website reviews and copied and pasted them into a free word cloud generator and the image here is what was generated. Apart from the obvious what jumps out are the phrases, creamy, creamy texture, taste. Maybe I should stop going on so much about the gut health and focus more on the creamy delicious taste?

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