Irish Times Journalist Gets Us Unblocked From Twitter

About 10 days ago I wrote here, that we had been banned from Twitter and were awaiting to hear back from them having appealed the decision. The offending Tweet was a Good Morning Mayo tweet with rising mist and a duck quacking. Anyhow 10 days later we still hadn’t heard anything. So this morning Sunday, using the account of @SiobhanTheSheep I tweeted out that we were still blocked over on @VelvetCloud and if anyone could help that would be fantastic. To the rescue comes the journalist with The Irish Times Conor Pope who had a lot more luck that us contacting Twitter and got a “spokesperson” and by this afternoon we were unblocked  twitter and got a short email from them notifying us we were back up and running and apologizing for the error. Its interesting though isn’t it how mere farmers like us don’t get any replies but a journalist will?  Anyway we are happy and back to tweeting about sunrises in Mayo again.  I would like also to pay tribute to Siobhan The Sheep who did a great job in my absence and gained herself a whole load of new followers. For the full story see Conor’s article here.


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