It All Started In Paris !

Over 20 Years Ago The Inspiration For Velvet Cloud Started In Paris - We Went Back Down Memory Lane Last Week


We had a wonderful half-term trip to Paris last week, where the idea for Velvet Cloud (and the first junior shepherd) was born over 20 years ago. It's so exciting to see so many sheep's milk products on the shelves now, from yogurts to desserts, to fresh sheep's milk cheeses. When we lived there it was just sheep's milk yogurts. So we've come back with lots of ideas and motivation to keep going.

Supermarket shelf full of sheep's milk yogurts, sheep's milk desserts, sheep's milk cheeses    
Supermarket Shelves Full Of Sheep's Milk Products
French Sheep's Milk Yogurt Pack


                             A Sheep's Milk Yogurt Pack

Of course, we also did a bit of sightseeing and lots and lots of eating and drinking :) And the junior shepherds were fit to kill us,  with all the selfies we wanted to take, (as you can see from their expressions)!

Flanagans with junior shepherds in Paris

Selfie With The Junior Shepherds At The Eiffel Tower

 Aisling eating delicious snails

Aising Enjoys Some Delicious Garlic Laden Snails

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