It's like a game of Where's Wally !

It's sometimes hard to find Velvet Cloud in Supermarkets

I’m often told by customers that they can’t find our Velvet Cloud yogurt  in a particular supermarket, or its not in a supermarket even though I told them it was, or its not in a supermarket listed as a stockist on our website.  This drives me mad but it’s something we have to live with as a small brand. I wrote a blog post about the many different scenarios that can occur from when we ship our yogurt pots out of here, which you can read here if you haven't already. It just summarises all the different things that can go wrong for a small brand before it gets on shelf.

Why some small businesses fail

Another reason  which I hadn’t covered in the post, is that even after all the hurdles might have been surpassed, its very easy to miss our pots in among the other 80 odd pots that are on the yogurt shelf. The photos below are from various supermarkets taken just this week, so you can see why, Velvet Cloud could be anywhere on the shelf, and despite our lovely bright green pot, it can be easy to miss. So this is just a plea to keep trying and keep your eyes peeled 😊

Hope you have a lovely weekend, we’ve most junior shepherds’ home this weekend which I love, so I am planning lots of cooking, and baking to love them through their tummies 😊


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