Kindness and A Festival In The Sunshine

Yesterday in glorious sunshine we spent the day at Sheridans Food Festival in Co Meath. Of all the festivals we do, this one is the most enjoyable. Everyone who has a stall there and everyone who visits loves good artisan food, so the chats and the products are always second to none. This year I particularly noticed people's kindness. For example, next year I’ll be taking up the invitation of old college friends who insisted I have to stay with them the night before rather than do the 6 -hour round trip in one day. A kind thoughtful twitter buddy, who has supported us since start-up life, Covid Crisis, and everywhere in between, arrived out of the blue with a bouquet of flowers because she thought "we food producers, had had such a hard time we deserved it" (You know who you are if you are reading this, you may not know how much it meant!).  And those who know that you don't have time to queue for it arrived with the most welcome cups of coffee throughout the day.


Friends at Sheridans Food Festival


Kells Gin Lady

The Cup Cake Bloke & His New Book - Bake

Sheep Milk Fudge For Christmas - Watch This Space

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