Lambing has begun!

Lambing has begun! We welcomed our first little fellow yesterday, and our first pure bred French lamb arrived today.  A video of the first arrival can be seen on our You Tube channel.

The photo below is the pure-bred French lamb, with his French Mom looking proudly on. During the summer to try to increase the amount of milk we produce, we brought in some pure bred ewes from France. These ladies are a lot more sophisticated and come from a line of sheep especially bred to produce milk. We are excited and hopeful to see what happens. In the meantime, the wonder of nature is about to begin, I always marvel at how within a few minutes of being born, the little things struggle to their feet and know exactly what end of Mum they need to head to start feeding.

Lambs arriving on Velvet Cloud farm

If you are celebrating tonight, hope you have a great one and 2023 is fantastic for everyone.

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