Leaving Cert Orals Begin With Scones

It's a big day in the house this morning, junior shepherd # 3 is sitting her German Leaving Cert oral ( I know.. on a Saturday?), then the Irish oral on Monday !! It's the real thing, not the mocks and the tension is high.! Remember this is the covid group that has never sat a state exam in their lives because their junior cert was canceled. Anyhow powerless to do much, I did what Mammies do  - feed them - and a double batch of yogurt scones was made to soothe all souls. It was a particularly good Mammy move on my part, not to miss out on the comforting junior shepherd # 2 announced she's taking half the scones back to Dublin for the week for her freezer. She needs to be kept going as she starts to wind herself up for college finals. So for anybody needing to gain some Mammy brownie points, I recommend the recipe here

And here's wishing all the Leaving Cert Oral,  Mammies, and Daddies luck over the next few days, my thoughts are with you.
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