Lessons from an 86 year old

It’s been one of those weeks so I’m feeling philosophical.

I’ve been in Dublin all week, ordinarily I would spend a night or to in the big smoke for work and to stay with my 86-year-old Dad as he loves the company. But for a variety of reasons work and personal I’ve been there all week.

I went up last Saturday, because following a mass for people who had died during the year in his local parish, we had a family gathering in Dad’s house.  He wanted to bring friends and family together, which we did.  We shared memories, drinks, nibbles, and  Dad was delighted it all went off so well.

Wednesday Dad  had bought me an early Christmas present – A trip to the Bord Gais and the Opera La Boeheim. We took the Dart into town, and of course we had to check out a stockist of Velvet Cloud in Grand Canal Dock – on the way. We then had fish and chips before the show followed by  a beautiful evening together making more memories.

When I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself I need to remind myself that in the words of my now twice widowed, 86 years young father, “You only get one innings, so use it”.

Enjoy your Sunday

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