Mayo For Sam

As you can probably imagine, its great fun to be from Mayo this week (September 9th 2021) , we felt we had to get in on the act too, so Siobhan The Sheep and Siobhan The Sheep Junior have been painted red and green, and are loving the attention, you can also see a video of them too on our social media.

The Basilica at Knock( the spire of which we can see from the farm), has also been lit up and looks beautiful at night, and there isn’t a house without a flag outside it across the County.  So unless you are from Tyrone please start praying to whatever Gods you pray to.

Hopefully, we will all be in a fit state to produce and send out orders next week.  #HonMayo #MayoForSam


Bascilica Knock CO Mayo Lit Up In Red and Green



Two lovely ones posted on social media this week:

Chargrilled asparagus Velvet Cloud yogurt, hazelnut, radish, crispy poached egg by Croi in Tralee

Asparagus and Sheep's Yogurt Croi Tralee


Rhubarb crumble, made with Ryan's rhubarb cooked on the barbeque, served with Velvet Cloud yogurt, and sweetened with pine cone syrup. by the lovely Aoife at Ryans Rhubarb

Ruhbarb Crumble served with Velvet Cloud Sheep's Milk Yogurt

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