Netflix Recommendation - Hack Your Health - The Importance Of The Gut Microbiome

Hack Your Health - The Importance Of The Gut Microbiome

I don’t usually do this but there is a documentary on Netflix at the moment called “Hack Your Health – The Importance of Your Gut”. It is brilliant. Very entertaining, and fascinating but explains the importance of the microbiome in non-scientific language, it also uses four different people with four different gut issues to tell their stories and lots of cute animations. I got interested in the microbiome when we started to make Velvet Cloud yoghurt because I wanted to learn more about fermented foods and why they were so good for the gut, and how I could then promote it. The junior shepherds are all totally sick of me going on about the microbiome and what they should and shouldn't eat. But I am going to make them all watch this, and I think the eye-rolling when I mention the microbiome from now on might just stop! I think it is a US-produced documentary but our own Irish professor John Cryan who works out of UCC and does loads of work on the microbiome is also featured. It's fascinating how much it affects our mental as well as physical health! It's only about an hour long, you won't regret watching it.
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