New Years Resolution Best Diet Detox Advice - Dont Listen To Me

The New Year's Detox, Cleanse, Diet Nonsense Begins

Its so predictable, every year, between Christmas and New Year it starts, all over online sites and social media. Brands start in my view feeding on peoples learned/irrational guilt about eating food.

You can see it in the questions people are asking: What’s the best detox to do? What8s the difference between a detox and a cleanse? What are the best detox teas? What are the best diet supplements? The best diet for quick weight loss.  The paleo diet, the low carb diet, the vegan diet,  the Mediterranean diet, it really annoys me to see brands playing on peoples vulnerabilities.

So my advice, and I accept it’s ironic coming from a brand owner:

Don’t ask me, ask a professional!!!  I am not qualified to give you advice about the best diet for you, or which detox will give you better skin.  Even if I was qualified, you shouldn’t listen to me, if I am promoting it from my brands page, because it would be very likely I would have a vested interest in promoting my products.

Listen to people with no agenda who are qualified in human nutrition. My heroes at the moment are Gaye Godkin an excellent highly qualified nutritionist and public health expert based in Dublin, the reviews you will find online about Gaye say it all. And Dr Anne Marie Eustace Ryan – A doctor based in Kilkenny who specialises in endocrinology, and does great practical stories on her Instagram, giving you science-based information in lay mans terms about how to eat healthier and live longer.

Rant over, but if you are thinking of news years resolutions related to diet, or exercise, read what the qualified experts who are respected in their fields, have to say, before buying or believing anything you read from a brand. If it sounds too good to be true, its very likely it is too good to be true.

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