Newspaper Feature / Vaccinations / And A Trip to Accident & Emergency !

Its been a crazy week !


On  Tuesday last (18th May 2021) we were thrilled with a feature that appeared in the Irish Independent - "The many benefits of ‘ewe-ghurt’: how this Mayo couple made the most of a gap in the market for sheep’s yoghurt" for those who haven’t read about our journey before, you can read the article here. 

On Saturday morning this senior shepherd got her vaccination, it was the Janssen Vaccination, which is the single-dose, and all good so far thankfully

Then on Saturday afternoon, the youngest shepherd arrives home from rugby training, with what looked like a dislocated/shoulder/broken collar bone!!! We headed down to A&E in Mayo General with dread. We had been listening to all the stories about the HSE hack, and the IT systems down, so we were prepared for a very long night. But within 2.5 hours we were home again, arm in a sling, x-ray was done and it's only a sprain. The poor thing can even do his school exams next week because it is his left shoulder!  We are very relieved given what it could have been and to celebrate he was even given the morning off helping his big brother milk the sheep this morning :)

During the week the lovely Dr EustaceRyan posted on her Instagram about her recipe for potato salad, using leftover potatoes. “The starch in potatoes when they go cold is resistant to digestion and so is rocket fuel for the bowel, especially when mixed with probiotic Velvet Cloud, instead of Mayonnaise as Mayonnaise isn’t that good for you. It is delicious and we are all addicted now in this house"  As you can imagine it helps a lot when qualified experts make comments like this. 

Finally, lots of customers loved the new variety pack, so we are making a few available every week. We think the fact that you only have to buy two litres of sheep's milk and a few sheep yoghurts,  appeals. We will also be introducing our sheep's cheese into a variety pack later in the summer. So its been a crazy week but a good week, here's to the ones to come.  Bring it on :)



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