One of the ways I mind my mental health

A quiet house again this weekend with only one junior shepherd left so feeling a natural melancholy and realising it won’t be long before I’ve a very empty house. I find the very best way to still my mind and bring calm is a walk-in nature, and apparently there is research emerging to show that spending time in nature is very good for mental health.


Derry Lough Rockfield Co Mayo

Particularly lovely on a day like we had today is to walk down by the lake. Our farm is on a lake, called Derry Lough, years ago a local angling club used to stock it with trout, that was before my time. Nowadays very few visit it so its thriving with birds, and various other flora and fauna.

Derry Lough Rockfield Knock Co Mayo


 If you are not on social media you wont get to see much of the farm scenery so here are some photos of how blessed we are. Wishing you a wonderful week.


Rockfield Farm Lake


Rockfield Farm

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