Our First Business Event In 2021

We had our first business event last week when we attended Food On The Edge, this is an international conference for chefs, that was started by JP McMahon who is based in Galway and runs the Michelin Star Aniar but also Cava and Tartar (to be recommended if you are ever visiting the City of The Tribes)

From the very beginning JP has always supported Velvet Cloud he was one of the first to promote us on line and often recommends us in the Irish Times, so we feel a strong loyalty to him. Plus he’s just a nice guy. Part of the conference involved an artisan food producers village, where we had our stand. It gave us the chance to meet with fellow Irish producers and also chefs, most of whom we hadn’t met in over two years. I think the pictures here tell it all.

Darina Allen with Aisling and Michael Flanagan   Mike from Young Buck Cheese, Mark from Ballylisk Cheese, and Michael Rockfield Cheese


The La Rousse Foods Fine Food Distribution Team Coffee and sheep;s yogurt to kick start the morning

Next week we will start to promote our Christmas gifts, to the general public, so just in case you haven’t pre-ordered your or have just forgotten now is the time. You’ll be smug in the knowledge that you’ve purchased something unique, that is only available from us, and that in doing so you’ll be supporting not one but three other small businesses, who we collaborated to create our, premium artisan hand made chocolates, our gentle hand made soap, and our beautiful hand carved Irish beech cheese boards.

Irish handmade sheep's milk yogurt - the perfect stocking filler Irish Beech Wooden Cheese Board

Handmade Irish Sheep's Soap  - Gentle For Eczema and Senstitive Skin Premium artisan handmade chocolates

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