Our First Instagram LIVE

During the week I got an invitation from the lovely Orla McAndrew @orla_mcandrew_food, to join her for an Instagram LIVE tomorrow evening 21st February Monday at 8pm. Orla is a Wedding Caterer, and regular cook on RTE Today. I’ll be on with  Brian from @corkrooftopfarm – who is growing and supplying restaurants from a roof top in Cork city and , and Virginia from @mygoodnessfood producing and selling vegan products out of the English market. 

For those of you who have no idea what an Instagram LIVE is, its like a live interview, filmed on the social media platform, and people can just join and leave as they wish, and post questions. I’ve watched loads of them, but never done one so it  should be a bit a fun. So if you use Instagram, please join and  let us know you are there. Anyhow because of this upcoming live, I sent Orla some product on Friday and already she has been creating some wonderful dishes! I will eventually get the recipes to you,  but for now for inspiration already she has created:

Roasted Aubergine caramelised shallots, chilli, Velvet Cloud yogurt and slivers of Rockfield sheep’s cheese.

Salad leaves with radish and a salad dressing made from Velvet Cloud yogurt lemon juice, salt and pepper sprinkled with dukkha.

Pasta, with n’duja chickpeas, wilted spinach, and some homemade pesto, feta, and a spoon of Velvet Cloud stirred through.

Roasted Aubergine With Velvet Cloud Sheep's Yogurt Salad leaves with Velvet Cloud Sheep's yogurt dressing


Don’t forget lots of sheep’s milk now available in smaller 7 litre boxes https://velvetcloud.ie/collections/all-products/products/velvet-cloud-sheeps-milk-10-x-1-litres

We take back all your packaging once you have six boxes collected

If you know anyone who might love to try Velvet Cloud yogurt, but is a bit wary, we are giving away FREE samples to newbies on the site. https://velvetcloud.ie/products/free-sample-velvet-cloud-sheep-s-milk-yogurt-450g

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