Our Sheeps Milk Is Now Available On Subscription

A quick heads up that we have just added our sheep's milk to our sheep's yogurt as a subscription option.

Velvet Cloud Sheep's Milk 1 Litre

Setting up a subscription enables you to decide when and how often you want a delivery. You then don't have to remember about ordering, so you'll never run out. It will also help us to reserve it just for you, so you won't be disappointed at times when we are low in stock. The subscription service for sheeps yogurt has been working very successfully for over a year. At any stage, you can cancel your subscription, pause it (for example if you were going to be away for a while) or change the delivery intervals. To set a subscription up you simply go to purchase as you normally would but now you will see two options:

1) One-time purchase

2) Subscribe

See the images below:

If you click Subscribe you can then choose the delivery interval you would like. Your card will only be charged for the first order, and won't be charged again until the next order is triggered at the interval you set. For every order at every new interval time, you will get the usual email notifications from us, that an order has been placed and then one when your order is on its way. And of course, if you have any problems, questions, etc, just shout and of course, we will help you.

Subscription Option Sheeps Milk


How To Select A Time Interval For Subscriptions

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