Polar lipids what are they, and why does that matter for Velvet Cloud?

Dairy lipids and digestion is a very complex topic and I don’t think I have the qualifications or writing ability to be able to explain it properly here.

But there are a few things I want to summarise: There is more and more evidence that the dietary recommendations that recommend low-fat and non-fat dairy foods over full-fat variety are flawed.

Even more exciting for us is there is more and more evidence that foods containing high levels of polar lipids have anti-inflammatory and cardio-protective properties.

Excuse the long definition:

Polar lipids are versatile emulsifiers that stabilize oil-water mixtures and maximize the uptake of ingredients into the vascular system and tissues. They provide an ideal nutrient delivery vehicle, capable of ferrying both fat- and water-soluble molecules.

Sheep’s milk and sheep’s milk yogurt have a lot more polar lipids than cow's milk.

As always do not take your advice from a vested interest like us, read the science and discuss it with qualified professionals.  I’ve included links to some of the most recent scientific studies below.  Then if you are wondering about the taste you can also read the hundreds of reviews from customers here.











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