Santa gave me a trail camera for Christmas, I am finally getting the hang of it

Nature in Mayo 

I love nature and one of the joys of living here is that we are surrounded by it. The farm is on the edge of a peat bog, where I walk the dogs and between the farm, bog and lake we are surrounded by wildlife. Anyhow Santa in his wisdom gave me a trail camera for Christmas, I had to hint very loudly 😊 a trail camera is used by wildlife enthusiasts to capture wildlife or hunters to explore the best areas to hunt in. Since Christmas on and off I  have been playing with it and learning how to use it properly. It is supposed to capture video and images of anything that moves in front of it, both at night and during the day. I’ve learnt the hard way that grass or branches blowing in the wind all set it off, and so for now I have folders and folders of grass and branches captured ☹

Finally I've capatured some wildlife

But this afternoon I set it up in the bog no grass or branches in the way and I have just got an alert to my phone that something triggered it!!  If you look very very very closely you will see a fox in the photo (squint to the right of the photo).  So I am now all excited with the thoughts of lots of wildlife to come…David Attenborough watch out.  I will keep you posted.

Fox in the bogs of Mayo

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