Some recent chef creations using Velvet Cloud sheeps milk products

Here in Velvet Cloud we've been so fortunate that the very best of chefs use our sheep's milk products. This has helped us enourmously get the word out about the delicious taste of Velvet Cloud. If a chef if using it and shouting about it on social media and on their menus it has to taste good, right? These delicious creations below have appeared in the last week on social media

Hampshire bacon chop, dressed with fermented fennel, vanilla jus and Velvet Cloud yogurt – by Chef Sean Drugan – The Vintage Kitchen Dublin 2

Yogurt ice-cream sandwich - consisting of a hazelnut miso and chocolate cookie with Velvet Cloud yogurt ice cream and a smoke butter scotch sauce – By Martin Ruffley - ATU

Rockfield sheep’s cheese and broccoli - Quiche Pota Café Connemara

Velvet Cloud yogurt was used in the dessert in a  Lemon Tart bavarois with yogurt crisps – by Chef Kevin Dundon and team – at The Irish Embassy in Paris – Diner en Vert

Huge thank you to each and everyone of you, without whom it would not be possible to grow our business.

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