Soup For The Soul God Knows We Need It This Week

Soup For The Soul God Knows We Need It This Week

Velvet Cloud Sheep Yogurt Soup

The Flanagan Shepherds are in definite need of comfort food this week as I am sure you all are !. All of this negative Covid media coverage and in particular the mixed messages about restaurants and night life has been really difficult for our wonderful chef customers. Restaurants are getting lots of cancelations and they are afraid they will get more in the coming days or worse they will be forced to close again. They then in turn are cancelling their orders from us, which is less than ideal at a time when orders should be flooding in.

It’s a real challenge to plan production at the moment, if we produce normal amounts of yogurt for this time of year we could be potentially left with a lot of waste, or if we  cut down on how much we produce we then the risk that we are out of stock for customers…, a crystal ball would be great at the moment, but they are hard to come by.


Anyhow there is nothing like warm food to comfort the soul and the easiest and biggest tummy hug is a big bowl of soup.  

Thickening Soup with Velvet Cloud Yogurt

This is a lovely way to thicken soup and will give you a richer soup than you would get with whole milk. Spoon it into the soup near the end, and let it simmer for just a few minutes to thicken.

Topping Soup

 A big blob of thick Velvet Cloud yogurt on top of any soup, is the perfect treat to serve, and because the yogurt is full of good fats and live cultures while delicious and creamy it’s also very good for you.

The shepherds like my homemade tomato soup, with a bit of chilli added for spice and then the blob of Velvet Cloud as a cooling compliment to the heat of the chilli.

Add the big blob of Velvet Cloud just as you are about to serve, then if you want to be really posh (and for that extra taste) sprinkled on top of the blob of yogurt, try some garlic croutons, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, fresh herbs really finely chopped or parmesan crips.

Christmas Orders Update

This morning (Wed) we are packing the first of your Christmas orders, dispatching tomorrow Thursday, so the early organised birds should have them by the weekend. We are excited to get your feedback, it will be so interesting to see what people think, which products are most popular, who loved what gift and why, and what sells out first.

Then from next week onwards you wont have to put in a pre-order the Christmas item you can just buy your as you want them  and they will be dispatched within a few days of your order.


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