Stress levels

Stress from being busy

This is the busiest time of the year if you are a sheep dairy farmer. It’s the time of the year when milk supply is at its highest (weather is good, grass is growing, majority of the flock in peak lactation). All sheep dairy farmers are at their busiest at this time of year, making and maturing cheese. Couple that with also making yogurt, about to start into another batch of lambing and one junior shepherd doing her leaving cert in 24 days, and another junior shepherd doing her final University exams !!

How I beat the stress

The stress levels are high, I am tiptoeing around the house at the moment, and thanking God that I can get out into nature every morning listen to the bird song and breath before the tension mounts for the day.

Don’t forget you get free fudge with every labneh order this week! You’ve been warned.

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