That Was Quick - As And From Tuesday 4th January We are Dispatching Yogurt and Cheese Again

Happy New Year To Everyone !

We really hope you had a lovely and safe Christmas. Although it does seem that it was a subdued Christmas and New Year for most, given the amount of Covid cases around.

Here on the farm, it was quiet one too. We consider ourselves really fortunate that it hasn’t got to us yet, and we managed to meet up with both families at different times and celebrate. The poor junior shepherds however feel a little less fortunate, there has been no partying or going out, because so many friends are isolating or are close contacts. So not a very exciting time to be a young person.

Thankfully our most recent lambing has gone well, and our milk supply is increasing. We hope therefore that the out of stocks we’ve had on sheep’s milk will be a thing of the past really soon and we also plan to offer the milk on subscription in the coming weeks.  This will hopefully solve the problem those of you who have been emailing us asking when it will be back in stock.

Hopefully everyone is kicking off 2022 with resolutions to eat well, eat healthily and keep feeding that microbiome. Our aim is to support that however we can, and promise to continue to send out all the lovely recipe ideas we get from our customers and chef friends alike.

If its of interest I’ve a new blog post up on the difference between diverticulitis and IBS here.

 If the farming side is of interest here’s a brief update from the fields on our You Tube channel,  on how the French men (rams) and Irish girls (ewes) are getting on.

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