The Advantages For Velvet Cloud Online Customers

New To Velvet Cloud?  Here are some advantages for you.

If you are a new visitor to our site, or maybe you’ve been following our story but only bought from us recently online, I thought it might be useful to give you the heads up about some of the options open to you buying online from Velvet Cloud.


 An option to set up a subscription. The advantage of a subscription is that if you have decided you want to have Velvet Cloud arriving to your door regularly, you don’t have to remember to put in an order.  Instead of placing a one-time purchase, you click subscribe for the product you want to get regularly. You decide how often you want your order (every two weeks, three weeks etc) and the order is then placed automatically for you at that specified interval. Your card is only then charged each time your next order is triggered. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. You can change the interval dates to earlier or later than you had previously set (for example if you are going away or have used more than you thought you were going to and want an order sooner). We introduced this as a trial about 10 months ago and to be honest were really surprised how well it has gone and how many of you, just want to set up a subscription and then forget about things.  If you have any problems at all setting it up, just message me.


Velvet Cloud Online Shop

An option to send us back all packaging free of charge. One of the biggest challenges we have as we try to be more sustainable is our packaging. We have tried all types of e-commerce boxes and insultation for keeping our yogurt chilled, but the current polystyrene one is the only option that works properly. It’s obviously not ideal, so we created a free collection service for the boxes and all other packaging. This allows you to play your bit towards more responsible consumption and allows us to play our bit towards being more sustainable.  Once you have collected six boxes, you let us know and we organise for DPD to come and pick them up for you, totally free of charge. We are then able to clean and then re-use the boxes, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. We know six is not ideal if you are tight for space, but unfortunately this is the minimum amount that makes it commercially viable to cover the DPD charge.

An option for a free delivery of Velvet Cloud. If you become a fan of our yogurt and are happy to take a short video of yourself on your phone, and send it to us, we will be delighted to send out a Velvet Cloud order to you absolutely free of charge. This is because the words of real customers, who are happy with our products are the most valuable way of spreading the word. If you would like to do this, please video your clip in landscape format, less 20 to 60 seconds is perfect. Again, just shout if you have any questions.

An option to subscribe for farm and other updates :As an email subscriber, you will of course continue to receive, updates from the farm, recipes, and any other news we think might be of interest.

We really hope 2022 improves for everyone, please don’t underestimate how your support, has helped and encouraged us to keep going. 

Aisling and Michael

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