The week of the debs

It was a week of smiles and excitement in our house, as junior shepherd #3 prepared for her debs.  The house was tidied within an inch of its life (major bonus for me) , prosecco was purchased, spray tan was applied in abundance , and on the big day,  hair and make up appointments were attended.  I was foolish enough at one stage in the excitement to remind junior shepherd #3 that the first time I got my make up done professionally was the day I married senior shepherd # 1 !! This comment was of course met with a roll of the eyes and deep sigh, which translates as “Mom the world has totally changed, since the olden times when you were young”.  

Junior Shepherd # 3 Debs


The afternoon arrived and unusually the weather was good to us, a gang of beautiful young ladies (all of whom we’ve known since junior infants) gathered at the house.

Senior shepherds with the debutant

A few awkward young men (in ties to match whatever girl they were to be associated with for the night), were also in tow.  It was one of those days, where the energy and joy were palpable, these wonderful young adults, setting out to experience the excitement of life, with joy and smiles, it did our hearts good.  

Junior Shepherd # 3 and her beau - Debs bound

The gang ready for the debs

You can see for yourselves in the photos.  Now wish us luck for the next few days or pre leaving cert result stress !!!!

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