This is not a blog post I like writing - price increases

This is not an email I like writing but I am afraid we have to increase our prices on our online shop.

Over the last 24 months our courier company, our box supplier, and our ice sheet supplier have all put up their prices more than once. Our energy and labour costs have increased significantly both on the farm and in our production facility. During all of this time we’ve kept our prices unchanged.  However, at this stage the total cost of an online delivery has risen to such an extent that it now costs us €14 euro just for the box and the courier. Because there are so many  of you buying online, we do want to continue to offer this service, but we just can’t absorb these increased costs anymore.  So, we’re really sorry to inform you that from the 1st March we will have to charge a contribution towards the total cost of shipping which will now be €9.95 per order, we will keep the free shipping offer on orders over €59. Because of the substantial additional price increases on the farm we have to increase the cost of milk too by 40 cent per litre. But the goods news (if there can be good news in an email like this) is that based on your feedback we are introducing two new product combinations:

We will have a variety box containing one of everything we make, milk, each size yogurt pot, and the three cheeses, and we will also offer a large 18 litre box  of sheep’s milk for the growing number of you ordering it as your staple.

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